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Innovative Components Of Modern Advertising

The system of traditional advertising forms that was formed in the twentieth century, is used in modern advertising practice, however, it is much inferior to the latest technology, the cause of appearance of which is the competition in the modern market of goods and services. Whatever quality was advertising, over time it starts to bother

The Peculiarities Of Cooperation Between Advertising Agency And Retailers

In the conditions of crisis and processes of absorption of weak companies by strong ones there acutely raise questions about the appropriateness and effectiveness of cooperation between marketing departments of retailers and advertising agencies (AA). A survey and an analysis of trade networks, a content analysis of media allowed us to determine the following. The

The Use Of Tropes In Advertisments

Tropes are words that are used in a figurative sense for the characteristics of a phenomenon using secondary semantic values, updating its internal form. The main varieties of tropes are metaphor, metonymy and synecdoche. At the same time tropes include the epithet and hyperbole. Although tropes are more typical for poetry broadcast, they are used

Ethical Issues Of The Advertising Of Hospital Drugs

Today, many well-known pharmaceutical companies spend their advertising policy ignoring numerous ethical and legal standards of the industry, and sometimes directly violate the law. The task is the investigation of violations of the legislative framework that occur when displaying advertising of products of the medicinal purposes. The urgency of the problem is that with the