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Evaluation Factors Affecting Profitability

Profits shows the absolute effect of the company without used with regard to resources, so it should complement profitability. The degree of profitability and characterizes profitability. Profitability – a quality, cost indicators characterizing the level of costs or impact the degree of utilization of resources available in the production and sales. Enterprise cost-effective if the

Interesting Examples Of Social Enterpreneurship In The World

Five innovative ideas in various countries that can change the world today INDIA About 53% of India’s population work as farmers but still the most of them can hardly survive. One of the reasons is insufficiently developed system of exchange of experience farming. DIGITAL GREEN is an Indian social enterprise that offers assistance to farmers

Why Is The Business With The Intention To Change The World More Successful Than One That Is Focused Solely On Money?

I’ve heard many times the expression “to change the world” and, frankly, it caused the best emotions. Primarily, this statement was performed on various “inspirational” meetings. Well, it looked like fun for the serious and wealthy “aristocrats” who have already earned their millions, they became boring and now they are going around the world and

Some Of The Secrets Of Modern Business

Anyone who wants to start their own business should first understand that the fact that entrepreneurship will not make him rich and successful. To truly reach the heights in the business world, it is important to have limitless potential and the desire to achieve something, in other words – to have a strong desire. Let’s

The characteristic features of modern international business

International business is a powerful instrument of economic integration of the country into the world economy, and consequently the tool of globalization as such, and in modern conditions it is defined by the following characteristics: 1. Accessibility and universality. Though international business is a subject to the relevant legislation of the countries, it is more

Rebranding – breathe a new life into business

The modern world is changing at an unprecedented pace – at the same time, with the same speed a lot of things obsolete in the eyes, and this trend does not shy away from the business world. In particular, changing market conditions constantly force owners to transform their own brand. There may be a lot

Successful business from school –reality or fiction?

A significant number of pupils of the senior classes are confidently say that they want to build a business or become a top manager of a successful company. However, practice shows that, dreaming of all the attributes of success in business, young people do not always have a clear idea of what entrepreneurship actually is.

Development of clusters in the modern business environment

Increasingly in different parts of the world there are formed territories and regions where many companies of specific business areas are focused. And despite the intense competition all of them manage to reach the abnormally high results. The answer, whereby this occurs is clusters. Today the cluster is a competitive advantage for business and for