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The Use Of Ambient Advertising In The Field Of Childrens Marketing

Specialists in children’s marketing call their customers “three in one”: children are shopping for their pocket money, affect parents’ decisions and form habits and needs, which in the future become a sustainable loyalty to brands. At first glance, children’s marketing is an easy victory, but in fact it is not so, because children’s perception of

The Basics Of Viral Marketing As a Mean Of Product Promotion

Nowadays traditional advertising is not as effective as it was before. The level of noise, that it creates, goes beyond all limits. People are just not able to accept all the messages that are sent by the environment. Besides, today people have plenty of opportunity to ignore advertising. A large part of television viewers just

Marketing Of Crowd: Seo And Smm Together

There is a perception of self-sufficiency of SMM and the end of SEO. It’s not true. Social marketing and search engine optimization can work together, it is called “marketing crowd”. There are a lot of advertising in offline and online: billboards, city lights, banners, teasers, contests with iPods and other. In total, they create information

Marketing In The Conditions Of Formation Of Informational Society And Its Use By Telecommunications Companies

In the conditions of informational society formation marketing as a marketing tool of the company turns into the shape of economic activities with sociohumanistic orientation. This question of orientation changes activity is relevant to the modern telecommunications companies that seek to be competitive. The process of achieving this goal provides that marketing must be innovative.

Event Marketing – Marketing For a successful business

The world in general and particularly the business world are changed daily. Every day information flow falls on the heads of people and is increasing. The number of organizations that promote their goods and services is also constantly growing, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract people’s attention. You have to invent new marketing

Digital Marketing Vs Internet Marketing

Promotion of the brand. Only a few years ago SEO-promotion was enough to feel great on the Internet. However, more recently, a new era came in the Internet space – digital-marketing. What is digital marketing? It is the use of various ways of promoting product to the masses using digital channels. The most popular forms

The Improvement Of Marketing Management At The Enterprise

The rapid development of market relations, which was accompanied by the development of scientific-technical and technological progress, has caused a new view on the market. This led to the emergence of such a science as marketing. The growth of competition, expansion of international division of labour, new customer demands, encourage enterprises to use not only

Financial marketing: theoretical aspects

Nowadays financial marketing is a form of marketing that is quickly evolving. Marketing research in the field of finance covers the process of marketing new ideas and types of financial assets prior to their use by the end consumer. In this case, the marketing research covers all kinds of financial activities and the scope of

The goals of marketing communications and the use of internet advertising

The situation on the world market of marketing is characterized primarily by fundamental changes in marketing strategies of companies. The competition forces companies to spend efforts not only to create an entirely new and unique goods and services, but also to create unique technologies of promotion. It is activated the search for economical and effective