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Hedging of the currency risk from the point of view of bank security

The stable and efficient functioning of banking institutions is inextricably linked to the solution of problems of increased level of risk as an integral part of banking security. Hedge is a means to reduce risk by concluding an opposite transaction, form insurance currency risk when executing futures transactions in banking, insurance, stock exchange and commercial

The financial mechanism of activity of commercial bank

The relevance of increase of efficiency of activity of commercial banks is crucial in the period of formation and development of the credit market. Increased competition between depository institutions, the emergence of competitors — non-bank institutions (insurance, trust companies, pension funds), the outflow of deposits from banks due to the development of the securities market

Determination of the effectiveness of banking

The issue of bank efficiency has a key role both in practical terms and in theoretical economic science. The vagueness of the definition of efficiency often leads to its identification with other economic concepts. To understand the effectiveness of banking activity we need to figure out the essence of the concept “effect” and “efficiency” and