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Networking as a designer of success in modern conditions

A necessary condition for successful social and professional activities is the use of knowledge in search of potentially attractive options for partners, employers, employees, and investors. During the establishing of business contacts the leading role is given to personal contacts and acquaintances. Practice management confirms that effectiveness of job search via intermediaries, who are friends

Reengineering of business processes as a modern method of restructuring

In conditions of transformational shifts in the world economy for enterprises an urgent problem is arising, this problem is connected with implementing of new management methods, which you can use to increase the competitiveness and adaptability to changing market conditions. In the modern world changes in the organization of production and management occur extremely quickly.

The analysis of approaches to the selection of business processe at the enterprise

Management of business-processes is originated within the concept of total quality management and continuous improvement processes. It provides “end-to-end management of business process as a whole, which is done by the interconnected units of the enterprise. The concept of “business process“ is basic in the management. The proper selection of a business process depends on

The functional-structural modeling of business processes

In recent years modeling business processes has become a popular trend that has spanned both large and medium-sized enterprises. Many companies create the departments of organizational development, process management departments and other units that main task is to develop recommendations to improve the operations of the company. The model is a formalized description (graphical or

The structuring of factors of envirionment influenvce on innovative business processes of enterprises according to the level of risk

The statement of the problem. The innovative business processes of the industrial enterprises are experience a significant impact of uncertainties that is caused by the high risk of innovation. This risk becomes particularly significant in conditions of information deficit, when the economic system of the country is not sufficiently open and transparent to institutional units.

Computerisation of business-companies activity

The role of informatization is becoming more significant in the economic development of modern business companies. The information processes are influenced by the growing socio-economic needs. So obvious is the tendency of growth of volume of production of information technologies in business and companies and need of optimizing of their activities on the creation of

The business processes of an enterprise: the essence and methods of improvement

The world experience shows that dynamic development of the market of goods and services, constant changes in the external environment of industrial relations and increasing of competition necessitate finding new tools and techniques to manage manufacturing processes. Therefore, the modern conditions of functioning of the enterprises are marked by the emphasis on process-oriented management approach.

Reengineering of business planning as a process of improving of competitiveness management of the enterprise

Modern dynamic market environment requires permanent improvement of management and information systems at enterprises, their support for the purpose of increasing of their potential possibilities, strategic capability and ultimately the improving of competitiveness. As practice shows, one of the main directions of creation of effective system of enterprise management that is focused on increasing its

Reengineering of business processes as a means of anticrisis management

Market-driven economy is the system of an enterprise that stimulates huge original and simultaneously destructive energy. The crisis that arise because of unfavourable development of conditions may cause the bankruptcy of some companies or cause serious loosing of numerous of manufacturers. Coping with the crisis is the controlled process. Success of the administration depends on