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Financial Planning Of Private Pension Provision

Nowadays Pension Funds of some leading countries of the world annually receive a significant amount of money, comparable with the state budget of each country. However, the deficit of the pension funds is increasing. This is due to several factors, including the increasing number of pensioners, high inflation, and the like. The current economic situation

Problems With Financial Planning: Where Should We Primarily Look For Help?

There are several major problems that are associated with financial planning at domestic enterprises: 1. Unrealistic financial plans and indicators. The data that is reflected in planning documents, is often not objective. Economists seek to reduce the budget to obtain the target result, modifying some values. Typical examples of such fraud may include: rising of

Financial planning in insurance: the various aspects

The main areas of financial planning in insurance activities are: planning of the range of insurance services, the formation of the optimal insurance portfolio; develop the best ways of investing surplus funds of the insurer; assessment of the financial condition of the insurer; prediction on the direction of the extension of insurance activities. The key

TOP of tips for the effective financial planning at the enterprise

Financial planning includes many pitfalls, which are difficult to determine at first glance. However, the majority of errors in this area are typical. In this article we will try to bring seven basic tips that will allow you to avoid troubles and to optimize the planning process in your company: 1.To align the cash flows.

The best tools used in the process of financial planning

Depending on the goals within the financial planning it is identified a number of necessary tools. Let’s consider the main ones. The use of standards. Planned financial indicators are calculated basing on established standards and technical standards. The examples of these standards can be the amortization period of certain categories of fixed assets listed in

The investment in yourself or a gradual increase of own deposit accounts?

Some people are able to gather substantial savings, but there is the question of what to do next: to continue to increase capital or to invest the accumulated amount? Today we will consider two alternative investments: deposit and investment in yourself. Investment in yourself: what do you need it for? Who can earn you lots

How can you become a financial advisor and what career will you have?

Who is a financial advisor? With the development of the world economy, a greater proportion of the population is involved in the financial market, becoming investors in search of profitable investments. You need extensive experience or specialist who will help to evaluate a particular type of investment to sort a large number of proposals and

What is the personal financial protection?

Financial stability is something that an absolute majority of people aspire to. This is not surprising, because finance is an integral part of modern life. However, a very small fraction of those people can correctly explain the essence of this concept. Everyone has their understanding of financial stability, and as a rule, for different people