Innovative Components Of Modern Advertising

The system of traditional advertising forms that was formed in the twentieth century, is used in modern advertising practice, however, it is much inferior to the latest technology, the cause of appearance of which is the competition in the modern market of goods and services.

Whatever quality was advertising, over time it starts to bother the consumer. This applies to the means of disclosing an ideological plan as well as to funds of distribution and media of advertising appeals. So, advertisers have the task of finding new creative solutions, starting with an interesting ideological content of advertising appeals and to the purely technical means of reproduction. Dissemination of innovative technologies in the modern world is predetermined by various factors: the development of technology, establishment of the system of mass interactive communications and rethinking of the significance of innovativeness in comparison with efficiency: when activity, that is aimed at enhancing the reputational capital of the company, is realized in the use of funds that seem to be more spectacular than effective. All of the above shows the relevance of the designated problem. In addition to defining the preconditions of formation of the innovative approaches in the promotion activities should focus on those criteria that determine the innovativeness of a promotional product or advertising technology.

The term “new technology” or innovation is understood as the final result of innovation activity, presented in the form of new or improved product or process that is implemented on the market or used in the practice of the company.

The level of innovativeness in advertising can be a diagnostic of the wool on the following criteria:

  • the use of professional technical support;
  • the use of the latest computer technology;
  • the use of unconventional methods of presenting information, that are manifested in the emergence of innovative forms of advertising.

Regarding the first two criteria, it is worth to say about the technical and technological innovations in the field of advertising.

Special attention deserves exotic and extravagant media. The most important thing in this type of ambient-advertising is to surprise the recipient as much as possible with the unusual placement of advertising. Sometimes such news is taken up by the media due to its singularity. That’s why we’ve got advertisements on such a completely different, often just illogical media: tie groom at his wedding, briefs of Danish player at EURO 2012, advertising of a rock concert at chicken eggs, advertisement of books as the route of the vehicle on the map of the United States, and the advertisement of Fiat on the bottom of the Mariana deepening in the West Pacific ocean.

The impression of the advertising message is often provided by computer and projection technology, it arises from the use of new technical means, and the like. These are so-called non-standard on the technical side methods of advertising that are able to increasingly attract the attention of consumers of advertising appeals. Today these are, for example, Just Touch (interactive displays and floor), virtual promoter, i-bar, Walk-thru Fog Screen, magic mirror, digital posters, projectors, levitating advertising – media, 3D stickers, fluorescent Board, Flash AdBoard, bar runners, EL-panel (animated poster), augmented reality (AR), optical illusions, 3D interactive boards, audio effects and so on. All these technologies are essential for effective advertising characteristics; they are mobility, sense of reality, the inevitability of view, presence, personalization, suitable response, interactive communication, etc.

So, for example, thanks to the technology of interactive communication Just Touch (interactive displays and floor), which first appeared in the US in the early twenty-first century, the consumer has the opportunity to easily find the information, check the product availability in the store, you can find the program of the institution, at the same time there is always the logo of the brand in the field of view. Due to this system, any window, or the floor can turn into a full-fledged sales channel. This technology can be applied during the “promotion” of a new product, because the consumer will appreciate the innovative approach of the manufacturer, be grateful for the unobtrusive presentation of information, and will receive a lot of positive emotions.

Technically, this happens in a way that information projects onto the floor surface or the projection screen in the window. The interface enables the user to control the presentation by the hands or feet. The consumer of such advertising is becoming an active participant, and therefore the degree of interest such advertising increases significantly. Technology Ground FX, which was offered by the company GestureTek (USA), represents a projection three-dimensional image on the surface with the possibility of interactive change, when system detects motion in the environment. “Living picture” is the consumer interest and positive emotions, which can not but affect their attitude to the advertised product or enterprise. Particulalr The so-called “interactive clothing” is particularly interesting today. For example, there are interactive video T-shirts. The essence of this innovative technology lies in the fact that a human put on a special belt that is attached to a special screen, over which a normal plain T-shirt is worn. Management of programmed material is carried out using a controller on the belt or a remote control that allows you to display ads simultaneously. If, for example thousands of T-shirts are involved on the show or exhibition – all of them can be simultaneously controlled with a single remote control. This is advantageous when the operator has about a dozen of paid advertising orders by advertising companies. Then the operator can consistently enable on all t-shirts advertising of one brand and then change it to another one. All ads can be shown in a row sequentially or in random order.

Special attention is given innovative technology Free Format Projection, which was developed by Japanese inventors. It creates the effect of presence of objects in their natural size due to the special processing of the image, which is then projected onto the surface. Shopping mall tin, strolling between the rows at the supermarket, or a virtual girl who tries on clothes right in the shop window can’t stay out of sight of a client.

The opportunities of innovative advertising technologies allow you to create a sense of augmented reality. The scope of application of this innovative technology is the Internet and printing. The essence of it is that when you place ad page with the image in front of the webcam, you get a three-dimensional model on the screen. The technology Fog Screen Walkthru is also interesting. This device uses the ultrasonic waves of the smallest drops of water to create flat surface to showcase videos or images. The feature of this screen is that the viewer can pass through the installation without damaging it. Videos are demonstrated using a conventional projector.

A new phenomenon in modern advertising is levitating advertising, which, no doubt, copes with the function of attracting the attention of buyers. The Levitron is a construction that consists of housing, inside of which there is a miniature copy of the goods that flies and spins in the air, without fastenings. This design is based on the laws of magnetic field. Among the innovative advertising medium we should highlight the “Magic mirror”, which has the ability to change the properties of its surface. When a man is opposite it — it looks like a normal mirror. When man departs — mirror surface turns into a poster with light. It is especially advantageous to place such mirrors in hotels, nightclubs and the like.

Truly innovative construction is in the field of tourism was the machine that “spits” bikes, inflatable boats and surfboards. The passers-by were not indifferent to the novelty. Citizens was lining up in a long cheerful queue. The machine was supposed to draw travellers to travel.

No doubt, innovative advertising technology is an advertisement, which can be seen only by women. A billboard with a camera scanner which captures the facial features of passersby and determines their gender was found in the West End at Oxford Street.

The probability of error of the apparatus is 10 %. The company offers men nothing, but just shows the website address. But women, after defining sex by a special device, are demonstrated information in the form 40-second clip, which encourages donating funds to girls ‘ education in countries that are developing. This unusual and innovative method of communicating was used by the Plan UK Company to make men to understand what women feel in the countries where they have no rights. The method of collecting money is a bit questionable, but non-standard.

New advertising and exhibition equipment are the balls with a remote-controlled projection screens that fly. Screens and Diaproektor are placed inside the balloon filled with helium.

RC advertising blimp also can not be ignored. This is a new technology that was created specifically for enclosed spaces where the airship makes free remotely-operated flights. Additional options of such a device are the reset of the leaflets and raising various goods, video shooting on board. All analyzed innovative advertising performs a number of functions, chief of which is primarily to draw attention to ourselves because this is unusual. It is striking, and, therefore, cannot remain out of sight of the audience. Innovative advertising helps distinguish the proposed product and the seller informing about the product or service in a certain way in positioning the company’s products. This is well remembered. You want to talk to friends and acquaintances about it. It is noteworthy that primarily fascinating thing is not the object of advertising (the product), not the content of advertising but its unusual presentation. Speaking, for example, about how you almost stepped in the store on the mobile phone, applied to the floor using 3-D technology, you will one way or another not pass the brand that produces it. At the same time people don’t often tell advertising stories. Thus, the spread of information from person to person is another important function of innovative advertising. Also it almost always evokes positive emotions in visual contact, and consequently sells the product. Another important function of innovative advertising, in particular samples discussed above, is the inevitability of the revision, because the user can not turn off or toggle it, as, for example, a normal television advertising.

The use of innovative advertising technologies in the practical work involves a thorough study of the audience: it is important to know where and when it is advisable to seize a customer’s attention. On the other hand, advertisers who use innovative approaches, obviously, are guided not only by effectiveness and efficiency, but also a certain way to position their own companies as such that aspire to the modern trends and feel comfortable in the world of advanced information technologies. It is an important component of branding and, as a rule, does not leave the audience indifferent.

So, prerequisites for the use of innovative technologies in advertising has been the development of technical communication tools, technologies of information and sufficient technological development of society, when these technologies become available in large quantities. It is worth noting that not all new technologies are innovative: the combination of professional technical support, computer technology and innovative ways of presenting information can create really innovative products.

In our opinion the promising study in the future is innovative forms of advertising, dependence of the content of the messages to these forms, the classification of goods and services that are advertised using innovative approaches, studies of the ratio of informational and emotional components of such messages, types of advertising appeals and effectiveness of the use of such forms in the long term.

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