Marketing Of Crowd: Seo And Smm Together

There is a perception of self-sufficiency of SMM and the end of SEO. It’s not true. Social marketing and search engine optimization can work together, it is called “marketing crowd”.

There are a lot of advertising in offline and online: billboards, city lights, banners, teasers, contests with iPods and other. In total, they create information noise.

Noise repels people from making purchases. Thus it is difficult to understand all the “best and exclusive offers just for you”. People often rely on the opinions of friends and experts. Word of mouth advertising wins direct advertising in ROI issues.

Reputation of advertising has been “tarnished” for a long time. In the conditions of continuous growth of social communications and quick access to virtually all thoughts the first place is held by “marketing crowd”.

In practice, it looks like a man in his Twitter account asks the question: “Friends, the motorists tell me what to buy: L-us or M-es?”. Advertising of both brands did not help him to make up his mind. He relies on the help of people who already have cars. They are expert crowd.

This is explained on the basis of existing scientific experiment. A group of scientists gathered experienced butchers in one room. They showed them the carcass of a bull. Butchers without problems “by eye” determined the exact weight of the carcass. It is explained by the fact that each of them deals with the carcass of a bull every day

Now let’s go back to cars. Let’s say you sell “M-es”. Your first task is to see the specified message to Twitter. For this, there are monitoring tools. Sometimes it is enough to search inside of Twitter, and you often need special services. For example, Tagboard, LiveTweet, Tweetdeck.

The second task is to have a set of rational arguments for the answer to the question “Why do you need to buy M-es?”. Under the rational arguments it is meant, for example: “the braking system of this car allows you to stay on the ice road, because it used such-and-such technology”. That is, the need to respond to the potential buyer as accurately as possible. We should focus on their real needs. You can (it is often better) speak on behalf of the official representative of the brand, its dealer, and so on.

The third task is to control the discussion. Of course, you should not be rude, disrespect the competitors and so on. You need to follow the rules of polite conversation, try to provide the maximum accurate information.

It seems that it is a trivial SMM, but a placed reference in the post brings to social marketing the important factor of search engine optimization – SEO. You should publish links to the description of the car, videos with his reviews, and so on. That is, guide the buyer to the desired page. Google will appreciate it in the ranking of websites for specific queries.

In the described situations there is nothing difficult, at least in this particular case. “Marketing crowd” is based on simplicity and scale. It is clear that selling a popular brand of car, you should use something apart of Twitter. There are a lot forums and blogs, Facebook and Google Plus. All resources are available for the dialogue between different people on the desired topic.

This is a list of the main marketing tools of crowds:

  1. Google. Search for questions and product reviews on sites and forums.
  2. Google Alerts and Talkwalker. Notification of new reviews and questions.
  3. Disqus. Tracking reviews about the product in blogs.
  4. Krbrmm. Monitoring social networks and forums.
  5. Tagboard, LiveTweet, Tweetdeck. Monitoring social network Twitter.
  6. Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter. Communication with potential customers.
  7. Google Analytics. Analysis of the transitions to the product website and customer behavior on our site.
  8. LiveInternet. Search for sites that are relevant to your topic.

The list of tools can be adjusted to suit your needs, adding new services and applications or, conversely, reducing their number. For example, if you do not want to talk to potential customers on Twitter, you can remove from the list any tools for monitoring records in this network.

The list of tasks of “marketing crowd”:

  1. The actual selling. You are talking in a social network or blog with a potential buyer;
  2. Increase traffic to website (SEO). Indicates a link to a desired website;
  3. Respond to customer reviews and word competitors (SMM). You are always in dialogue, where you discuss your brand.
  4. Increases brand awareness (SMM) through talking about it and linking to it.

In fact, you can start from scratch, picking basic platforms, websites, forums, blogs, and social groups, and start a dialogue with your target audience, thereby earning the title of expert.

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