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Should you buy the shares of large companies or direct investment in a small business?

In this paper we consider several popular and important financial instruments for raising capital-investing in the stocks of large companies and direct investments in small businesses. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both options, about investment choices and the main risks for the investor, so everyone can choose financial instrument and evaluate its

The role of marketing in the development of small business

This article deals with the phenomenon of marketing, its role in small business. There lit the methods of market research, data collection, analysis and use of information, which is necessary in the process of business planning and determining the level of profitability of the project. The concept of “marketing” The experience of countries with developed

The importance of loan for small business in modern conditions

Modern business environment of most developed countries is characterized by a very large share of small business in them. If we do not take into account such industrial giants as China, the total number of small businesses among the total number of all companies can reach 90% and not less than 75% in the most